Sketching Notes #1

I’m currently working on a short series for radio exploring the link between picture and music. Here’s a snippit from an interview with jazz musician and ceramicist Dave Price. It’d be great to hear your thoughts.

Audio: Jessie Rodger

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Polaroid Postcards from Calvi on the Rocks

Cat on Wall in Calvi

Calvi, Corsica

In the lead up to more stories from the heart of the Serbian countryside, we thought it was time for a little trip to the sea.

If there’s one festival we recommend you pencil into your diary next summer, it’s Calvi on the Rocks. Situated on the beaches of Corsica with mountains and pure sunshine as a backdrop, festivals don’t get much better than this. You dance in the sea with a bright cocktail in hand amidst the most beautiful people you could imagine – it must be the French. Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll probably see the musicians soaking up the sun beside you – it’s just the right size to make you feel like you’re partying amongst friends. The quality of the music is top notch too with a great mix of that unique electro pop the Parisians do so well. LCD Soundsystem played one of their final gigs here, Sebastien Tellier and Hot Chip are regulars too. If that’s not enough to convince you, have a flick through my polaroid postcards from 2010’s festival. It can only get better.

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