An Introduction .

International V U E . aims to present you with a varied V U E . on international affairs, focusing on places, people and the gastronomic whilst always keeping an eye on the visual.  This is a fledgling project with big yet undefined aspirations, and that’s just where we want to be. We don’t want to force our standing in our environment, we want to act, react and develop.

With the involvement of like-minded people and interest from you, V U E .’ s objective is to grow an international network of contributors to construct and embody an informed and exciting international V U E . Be that through radio, print, graphics or a small army of amiable baby seagulls; let’s just wait and see what happens. We’re excited for the ride, we hope you are too.

V U E . : An International Vue Point Via Pen and Lens, for now at least.

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