Sketching Notes #1

I’m currently working on a short series for radio exploring the link between picture and music. Here’s a snippit from an interview with jazz musician and ceramicist Dave Price. It’d be great to hear your thoughts.

Audio: Jessie Rodger

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[N.B Theme song from Rhye]

Long Time Listen

Sebastien Tellier has the golden touch, he has the French touch and those two combined can only mean one thing… Yes that’s right, seductive elevator tunes. La Ballade du Georges is a little off the radar but a classic all the same, who can resist some flute and electric guitar rolled up in a Parisian pop lullaby?

Text: Jessie Rodger

Drive Time

What, you don’t like Drive?

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A Sound Departure

Here at V U E . we’ve always kept a keen eye on the visual, today marks a departure into sound. Who better to take us into a new chapter than the formidable Jacques Greene and his remix of Jesse Boykins III – The Perfect Blues. Enjoy.

Text: Jessie Rodger

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