Re V U E . : Rojano’s in the Square


Eating Mushrooms on a tailored Paul Ainsworth Board at Rojano's in the Square

Padstow, England

From paired back and local, to paired back and Italian; Paul Ainsworth’s take on the best of Italia is served up board by bespoke board in Rojano’s in the Square. He’s accomplished a great deal recently and offers up a fresh perspective on food, one quite distinct from Stein’s more traditional approach. I’m saving my pennies for Number 6, for now it was the turn of his more affordable restaurant Rojano’s to show what it has to offer.

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Variation on a Theme

Rick Stein's Fish and Chips table with Chalky's Bite Beer

Padstow, England

At the other end of Rick Stein’s Padstow enterprises is his fish and chip shop, Rick Stein’s Fish and Chips. It has to be said, most of us are predisposed to like this venture. Some nice battered fish brought to you from one of the best known British chefs, what’s not to like? And really, there’s not much not to like. If you can get through all those double negatives, that is. The fish is delicious, you can have squid, hake or plain cod. The chips aren’t greasy either and the parsley paired up with a wedge of lemon freshen the whole thing up nicely. All washed down with a glass of Chalky’s Bite and you can eat great food for a rather friendly price.

Text and photography: Jessie Rodger

Re V U E . Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant

Window and Reception Area View Seafood Restaurant

Padstow, England

The closest I’d ever got to Stein’s Seafood Restaurant was through a steamy window, looking on as diners enjoyed their food in a distant golden world. After 24 years’ holidaying in Padstow of bypassing the restaurant, it was about time to take the plunge. Sitting on the edge of Padstow harbour, the Seafood Restaurant stares out across the estuary to Rock. It fits perfectly with its surroundings, waiting quietly for the moment you and your purse strings crack.

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Gastro V U E . : Padstow

Clover and the sea in Cornwall

Padstow, England

Last weekend we were lucky enough to spend some time far away from the city, in Padstow, Cornwall. The name may well chime with a few readers – it’s the home of Rick Stein’s businesses and the holiday destination of none other than the UK’s current PM, for better or for worse. It’s a great place to be and spend time realising that perhaps your city priorities are a little skewiff.

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Sweet Sundaes at Kember and Jones

Sign of Kember and Jones

Glasgow, UK

When in Glasgow, do as the Glaswegians do. If you prefer cosy deli treats, do as the West-Enders do and spend a leisurely afternoon at Byres Road haunt Kember and Jones.

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Falafally Tasty

4th Arrondissement

The Marais, Paris


Put the spotlight on Paris for a season and not mention the Marais? Not at V U E . we won’t. For this post we’re turning the focus to food, and where better than the buzzing 4th Arrondissement.

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We Got Time for Paris

This summer is the summer of Paree at V U E .


Remember our V U E . s to come post? Well the day has come to reveal all and boy are we excited to introduce a late summer season specially dedicated to the city of love, the city we love; Paris.

Over the final months of summer we’ll be running a series of features to show you just what this oh-so-French city has to offer, from sexy one off snaps to reviews of the bars you have to try; we want to share our experience of this unique cultural capital with you.

What better way to start than with a sunny Sunday brunch in Montmartre (see above image) for €7 chez Le Village, Montmartre. You can’t say fairer than that.


London, UK


Jostling with determined locals, full of swathes of scent and a cacophony of seasonal colour: the French market is something to behold. Take a wander down to your local market in the UK and it could be enough to propel you across the channel to a new gallic life full of fresh produce and good wine.

But fret not dear British reader, situated on the edge of the City just south of the river, Borough Market gives the French a run for their money. The range of food on offer is so wide and quality so high, that it’s a challenge to know where to start. But start you inevitably will and where better than Shellseekers hand dived scallops. Modest and compact, here you will find an impressive array of fresh fish alongside tasty lunches for a fiver, the speciality being fried scallops served on a bed of stir fry with a smattering of crispy bacon on top.

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