A dog’s best friend is his man

Serbia - Dog Show in the Sun

A warm October Saturday morning in the heart of Serbia, cars begin to arrive from distant places.

Families clamber out of cramped car interiors and stretch their legs followed by their treasured dogs, who have travelled with more comfort and leg space. The Resavica dog show is getting underway. This is a great event to observe, the many owners are happy to be together for this unique gathering, all proud of their own hound but sharing pleasure in their mutual admiration of canines.

Tough Serbian guys show their soft centres in their love of treasured hounds. The dogs clearly understand that today they are the centre of attention.

The dog show takes place in the local mining community public park, it is free from over-pretention and commercialism such as might dominate a similar scene in other Western countries. The excitement is palpable as the show gets underway. A long day awaits the judges of the many classes of dogs here in Resavica.

Text and Photography: John Rodger


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